Congress duration: October 4th –8th, 2017
Deadline for Early Bird Registration: July 15th , 2017
Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 10th , 2017
Deadline for hotel reservation: July 15th , 2017


Hotel Holiday, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel Holiday is a modern and luxurious hotel,  located in the heart of Sarajevo and epicenter of business activity.

It was  built in 1984 during the 14th Winter Olympic games Sarajevo , and since then is a witness of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s recent history and a certain check point for businessmen and tourists. The creator and mastermind behind the design is the celebrated Bosnia and Herzegovina’s architect Ivan Štraus. With his specific artistic expression he succeeded in conveying the essence of the people and the aesthetic of the traditional house into a structure of such contemporary design.

That approach is best articulated in the interior which is designed  to portray the intimacy and the aesthetic of the courtyard indigenous to Bosnia and Herzegovinas architectural and cultural tradition.